Starting the Hiring Process

Starting the Hiring Process

A crucial step in landing a firefighter job is knowing which fire departments are accepting applications. We send out over 300 new fire job notices every month! And with a database of over 800 active fire jobs, FD Careers will keep you on top of which departments have posted fire jobs, where to go and what you need to do to start your career as a full-time firefighter.

How to become firefighter?

Tips for Getting Started
  1. Step One Volunteer for the Trade. if you ask a local how to become a firefighter, many will tell you they started as a volunteer. ...
  2. Step Two Find CPR Training and get Fit. ...
  3. Step Three Get a Fire Science Degree. ...
  4. Step Four Take Exams and Apply for Work. ...
  5. Step Five Advance in Your Profession.

Fire Departments... Post Your Job for FREE!

Fire Departments... Post Your Job for FREE!

Since 1992, FD Careers has helped bring future firefighters and fire departments together.

If your organization has a position to fill, let us know and once we have confirmed everything, you will be able to post your position and it will notify everyone who has registered to receive a notification in your state!

Why FD Careers?

Many services require you to visit their web site every day to keep current on who is hiring. If you're busy or don't have the time to sort through old listings on their message boards, you might miss the department you want to work for... not with FD Careers.

What you get with FD Careers…

  • Access to our database of over 800 active jobs (Entry-Level Firefighter up to Captain positions)
  • Job alerts directly to your inbox or mailbox
  • We constantly update our listings and re-send them so you don't miss any important changes or new information
  • Additional information about each department, including pay ranges, map links and demographics
  • Links that allow you to download the application documents you need (if offered by the department)
  • The opportunity to focus on getting hired... not chasing down who is hiring
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